QSTP Solar Test Facility, Qatar

Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) is a world class facility, developed to test new and emerging solar technologies in order to understand their suitability for the Qatari and Gulf environments. The facility is crucial to providing data which supports the business case for large-scale solar production facilities in the region, and has gained a high level of support from the Qatar Government and Qatar Foundation.

QSTP testing facility is located at Qatar Foundation’s Education City, Qatar Science and Technology Park. The land consists of an area of 35,570 sq. m, within which the project occupies a subdivision of 8,805 sq. m. One of the main arteries of Education City is located just south of the land for the project, and this artery is intersected by a road which leads to the entrance of both areas of land. This road is utilized as the primary access to the site.