Sabah Al-Ahmad City, Kuwait

The Public Authority for Welfare Housing (PAWH) Kuwait, formed in 1986, has the mandate of planning, design, implementation and distribution of government housing for its citizens. As part of its satellite cities development plans, the public authority is developing the 40 square kilometer ‘Sabah Al-Ahmad City’, which is 60km south of Kuwait. The city has already been master planned with 75% of the land being allocated primarily for residential areas supported by light industrial and other uses. The remaining 25% is allocated as the ‘central services zone’. In late 2016, PAHW appointed KEO, and it’s Allied Practice InSite, for the ‘Re-Master Plan of the central services zone and design guidelines for investment residential areas’.

The central spine is the heart of the city. It bisects the city from the southwest corner to the whole of the north end, where it includes an expanded area for regional destinations, special uses envisioned as themed cities.